British Library – Business & Intellectual Property Centre

President Obama said in a recent speech that “Enterprise is the Flame which Ignites Prosperity” something which I agree with wholeheartedly.

We must create wealth before we can spend it and we at the BIPC understand that sentiment fully, which is why the brilliant staff that work there try so hard to make a difference for the many start-ups and entrepreneurs who seek advice and guidance.

Early businesses are prone to fail in the first three years, many in year one! This is often due to lack of knowledge or experience.

We also know that where mentors are used the trend toward success vs failure is almost totally reversed.

At the BIPC we have statistics showing that most businesses that use the advice and facilities there survive beyond initial start-up. There are many startling successes too!

As Entrepreneur in Residence and an Ambassador I’m proud of the centres achievements but the real work is done by Isabel Oswell and her hardworking and capable staff who work tirelessly to help all sorts of businesses start and grow.

Mark Sheahan  who is Inventor in Residence, is a man who fully understands key aspects of an inventors mind. His advice is sought by many and it does him great credit that he spends so much time helping others emulate his success.

Any entrepreneur looking for advice and guidance should firstly visit the centre for a chat with its staff. It’s a very friendly place.

The British Library is overseeing a roll out of Business & Intellectual Property Centres across the UK, with centres already established in The following places: London, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle and Sheffield.

Check here to see if there is a centre near you.

Helping new businesses get established and grow is the responsibility of anyone who has achieved any degree of success.

You wouldn’t give birth to a baby and expect it to stand on its own feet from day one! The same applies to new businesses. They need support from experienced mentors so that they can one day be the major employer of tomorrow.

I’ve been very pleased to see some of the banks beginning to lend to start ups and early business. For me Lloyds stand out as a bank which is focusing on this important aspect. It’s worth making an appointment at any of the major banks though. Go and have a chat. Tell them you want to help the UK economy by creating your own business. What have you got to lose by having a chat?

More can be done though so let’s work together in creating an enterprise culture that puts caring for the community at its core.

Let’s create the wealth so that some of it can be spent on more nurses, doctors, teachers and the other important public services we all rely on.

It’s vital we connect the powerful horses of free enterprise to the carriage of society which follows behind so that every time those enterprising horses move the carriage moves too!




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