Britains Got Talent 2013

Britain really does have talent & not just that shown by acts such as ‘Attraction’ who appeared & won on Simon Cowells TV show last night but among the many young entrepreneurs championed by websites such as Biz Britain which is run by young entrepreneur Matt Gubba
I love seeing entrepreneurs striving to succeed and in fairness that’s exactly what the members of ‘Attraction’ are, young entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity outside their own Country of Hungary and decided to export their talents to where the market was, ie the United Kingdom.
Working in a derelict warehouse from morning to night perfecting their act proves that however entrepreneurial you may be you need to work at it. I was stunned by their patriotic portrayal of British life which in my opinion was inspired by the theme created by Danny Boyle at last years Olympics with superb portrayals in shadow form of Winston Churchill etc. This is a group of entrepreneurs who studied their market and audience & came up with a routine they knew would convert national sentiment which otherwise may well have gone the way of brilliant young English comedian Jack Carroll who showed amazing confidence and grace at the end, or the very classy display by Welsh Duo Richard & Adam Johnson.


Proved by our success in organising the Olympics last year & having World Class sportsman such as Andy Murray, Louis Hamilton & David Beckham together with a whole new group of inventors, businesspeople & entertainers.
We may be a small Country but we are jam packed full of enterprise and winners. Sometimes the best things come in small packages & Great Britain proves that point more than almost any other nation on earth. We have been punching above our weight since Norman the Conqueror became King of England in 1066.

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  • Matt Collings

    9th June 2013 at 11:24 am

    Absobloodylutely spot on. Well said Stephen.


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