Brexit Deadlock

With Brexit dominating the news for over three years now it’s a wonder anything else is getting done at all and that the general UK economy hasn’t fallen off a cliff edge so far.

Without some clear direction there is a great danger of this though in my opinion and it shouldn’t be taken for granted that the economy can continue to take this level of uncertainty and disarray.

The fact that by enlarge everyone has ‘carried on’ is testament to the entrepreneurs and business people up and down our great country who work tirelessly to create jobs in communities and to build lives for themselves and their families.

This isn’t to say that many MP’s don’t work hard too, but to say the majority of the general public have become completely disillusioned with politics is an understatement. It has frankly become ludicrous.

Someone asked me yesterday what all the MP’s did before Brexit?

It’s a good question and makes you wonder with such a focus on one area quite what might have been neglected during this deadlock period. I know people who have been married and divorced quicker than this lot has taken!

Whatever way you voted I think most people agree that one way or another we really must move on. For the sake of growth in the economy, which means jobs security and job creation, and the livelihoods of millions of people, the revenue produced from that growth that pays for all of our essential services which we all rely on at some time or another, this must be resolved.

Somehow everything must be paid for and that money comes from wealth creators – without them there is no money to spend on anything! Those people need to feel they can take a risk in starting that business, taking on that person, investing to create something and at the moment that is being underminded through unprecedented and extended uncertainty.

We are fortunate to live in one of the greatest countries on Earth and as a consequence we take a lot for granted. Everyone expects everything in society to be there, but as I’ve written elsewhere in the past, how everything we’ve come to expect is actually funded is never really explained or taught in schools.

In my opinion, from a young age it is vital to understand money insomuch as how everything is fundamentally paid for.

It is generally speaking completely overlooked but I certainly wasn’t taught in school how the roads are paid for, the street lighting, the police, fire and rescue service and the NHS. Nobody explained how it all functions and what creates the money in the first place to fund the infrastructure and services we all rely on.

Businesses, often family owned and run, or small local businesses contribute hugely to the UK economy. Big businesses do too of course but the importance of micro and small businesses is often overlooked.

Supporting your local business is one way you can ensure they are there for you tomorrow. This community approach can often be missed in larger towns and cities but is vital when you bring everything back to basics. It also helps create local respect in society and reduces crime. Even most criminals target people they don’t know, rather than those they do!

One way or another we must all continue with our lives so the sooner this deadlock is broken and a positive forward-thinking and can do approach is taken the better.

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