Beacon Opticians Plus+

Last Friday we were invited to join Beacon Centre in Wolverhampton at the opening of their new Optician located within the Beacon Centre building, marking a very special occasion as this is the first opticians in the UK, and maybe even the world, owned and ran by a charity and it also marked 140 years since Beacon began.

The spirit at Beacon on the day was high as you would expect and I felt very fortunate to be part of it because for most of us, we take our eye sight for granted and go about our daily routine and activities without giving it a moment’s thought. Making a cup of tea, driving to the shops or the office and looking at a menu in a restaurant are thankfully all things most people can do without any concern.

Sadly for thousands of people all over the world, sight loss is a very harsh reality and seemingly simple things like making a cup of tea or coffee become major hurdles to get through. Beacon have recently created a full kitchen on site in which people with sight loss are able to use to get used to operating in the kitchen whilst visually impaired. This is a fantastic facility and provides everything that’s needed in a safe and welcoming environment.

What is so overwhelming at Beacon is the sense of community there, and that I think is what makes this 140 year old organisation truly special because people with sight loss often feel isolated and this brings everyone together and can help alleviate one of the worst affects of sight loss and perhaps one of the sadness things of all for any person: loneliness.

Let’s hope Beacon is here for another 140 years and carries on improving lives.

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