Andy Murray to Win Wimbledon?

Who says so? I do! What do I know? Probably not enough about tennis but I do know about winners and whether Andy wins this year or not I am certain he is a winner.

Brilliant Focused Athlete

We have many brilliant athletes in the UK, among them David Beckham, Sir Bradley Wiggins and of course Andy Murray. It is only a few short years ago that Britain seemed to have lost belief in itself but I sense that it is returning and despite the economic situation the Country finds itself in we are beginning to regain self belief once again and so we should.

We Live In a Great Country

This is a great Country, we are tolerant, caring and most importantly, the Worlds oldest working real democracy, that’s why so many people all around the World love the UK. It certainly isn’t for our weather!

Role Models are Vital

Role models are vital in any society and real leaders leave the essence of their personalities spread across their Countryman so it is with that in mind that I wish Andy Murray all the best,not just because he is British but because he shows all the traits real winners display. If beaten he returns to his training base and works out why. He doesn’t drown himself in self pity or continuously blame the conditions, he just gets on with it and try’s again. Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button are the same and I sincerely hope that one of them wins the Grand Prix tomorrow and the other comes second.

Punching Above Our Weight Again.

As I’ve said before Britain has been punching above its weight in almost every field since William the Conqueror arrived almost a thousand years ago so let’s have a Wimbledon winner again for the first time since the 1930s. I am convinced that Andy can do it. He has the skill, the tenacity and a winners DNA so stay focused Andy and you will triumph and the UK will gain massively in confidence and pride when you do.

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