Anchor your life for success

I woke during the night thinking about what it is that creates success and happiness and believe I may have found at least part of the answer in what I call anchoring.
Anchoring is well known in psychology but here I am using it solely as a way to achieve success & happiness in life. I was chatting to a well known friend of mine the other day who loves model railways and has a huge collection and big track layout at his home in the US. We discussed his success in life and whether it had made him happy and I was surprised by his answer. It wasn’t the huge financial success or celebrity which gave him his ‘anchor’ in happiness but his train sets! This led me to thinking as I lay in bed at 4am this morning what it is that makes me happy and whether I indeed have an anchor in my own life. I decided that I did have an anchor, in fact I had several, all of which I believe go someway to stabilising my life and allowing me to do the things I want with a spring in my step every day.
My first anchor has always been reading. Without doubt my life would not be the same without it. As a young and hyperactive child my mother taught me to read fast partly because she felt that I would grow bored if I didn’t get through the sentences fast enough. After reading it was business and now it has evolved into using some of the knowledge I have accumulated to help new and mid term businesses develop their potential and become the employers of tomorrow. These anchors help keep my ship steady in the sea of life. As in all things that sea sometimes becomes choppy and rough and it is times like this that I am able to drop anchor and stay stable. I retreat into reading a new book or focusing on one business opportunity or more likely these days helping someone steady their own ship, even if its a small one.
Without doubt having an anchor at your disposal,ready to drop into the sea of life when things don’t go according to plan is critical. It doesn’t really matter what that anchor is, it can be helping others, watching football or rugby or even playing golf but it needs to be something that takes you out of yourself and makes you feel centred or anchored again. Develop a hobby or take up a cause outside of what you do for a living to help you refocus and return to the battle refreshed.

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