A Fracking Good Energy Source

Fracking is something that is interesting a number of governments at the moment as the end result releases energy which can decrease dependancy on other sources of oil or gas, but is the controversial technique safe?

The process involves fracturing localised rock by injecting pressurised liquid combined of sand and chemicals into crevices which lead to deposits of gas or petroleum migrating to a predetermined wellbore.

This is an article by the BBC which gives some good information. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14432401

We are investigating the opportunities at the moment but before investing heavily will want more knowledge so have a team working on the project.

One thing for sure in my opinion is Fracking is here to stay regardless of the risks because cheap energy is essential if we are to keep the lights on!

With the arrival of the digital age comes more dependency on our energy supplies & Fracking is bound to be part of any solution. Let’s just hope the fears of it creating earthquakes are unfounded.

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