The Local Millionnaire

Bristol Evening Post comment, May 19, 2011
Stephen Fear’s story is inspiring. On the one hand it is the story of a quite extraordinary businessman who started with nothing and has become and a multi-millionaire.

But this is not simply a story of a man who has made a lot of money.
It is the story itself which is compelling and intriguing.
What it shows is just what can be achieved with determination and a will to succeed.
He did not simply deliver newspapers; he was and is an avid reader and that gave him the knowledge with which to launch his first business venture.
It is amazing to think it all began with a call to America from a telephone box.
That took initiative, courage and more than a little bravado, attributes which must have set him in good stead as he built up his business empire.
All of which prove that Mr Fear would have been an entrepreneur whenever or wherever he had been born because the skills he relies on would have been as useful 200 years ago as they are today or in the future. As he says, he just loves doing deals.
He is a brilliant example to people making their way in the world that your background need not hinder you and that you do not need an expensive education to be a success.

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